Scamarama–don’t fall for this one

Dear Customer,

We detected irregular activity on your amazon online account on 09/25/2012. For your protection, you are required to upgrade your billing information to our latest/current secure server. Click on this link to login to your Amazon account and follow the upgrading procedures promptly.
Unfortunately, failure to perform this upgrade will attract certain limitations on your Amazon online account.



Hell to the no, as a friend says. Don’t be clicking on this one. The surrounding graphics looked pretty good and Amazon-like, but check the language. “Attract certain limitations?” Really? The email addy, too. Sure, Amazon uses the word “Vine” but they also use in all their addies. Phishing.

Unfortunately, someone of my acquaintance didn’t heed the warning signs, and about 8 weeks later found someone dipping into her bank account.

2 responses to “Scamarama–don’t fall for this one

  1. Reblogged this on Amelia C. Gormley and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this! I’m passing it along!

  2. Love the button. I need one of those. Thanks for the warning. If scammers put as much effort into actual jobs as they did in trying to rip people off…

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