Gone Berserk at the Bookstore

There’s a new used bookstore in my area, always a good thing! Calico Books is bright, shiny, well organized, and stocked with everything from paranormal romance to non-fiction about shipwrecks. Becky, the proprietor, has a smile for everyone, remembers names and preferences, hunts books down if she doesn’t have them, and generally puts a new pleasure into shopping for words.

Walking in there is a little dangerous, because I can find more books to bring home than I can carry. In fact, on my last trip, I denuded one shelf, left huge gaps in another, and left a wish list, too, all because of what happened on my last shopping trip there. You know how it goes — find something interesting, read it and then need to know more, which leads to more book buying.

For those of you wondering how or if I’ll have time to write, with all these tempting new purchases, fear not. Becky thought she sold me some books, but what I really bought is plot bunnies.

Off to do some research for the next story!

6 responses to “Gone Berserk at the Bookstore

  1. LOL – do they sell bookshelf expansion kits for your home?

  2. You sound like me…LOL…I am a bookaholic and proud of it…

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